Things That Need to Die in 2012

  • Providing.  Emphasis.  By.  Putting.  A.  Period.  After.  Each.  Word.
  • The sarcastic and whiny “Reeeally?”   Yes, really.
  • More than 3 text message back-and-forth cycles = JUST FUCKING CALL ME!
  • People getting genuinely hurt when you don’t acknowledge their birthday on Facebook.
  • Blue toilet bowl cleaner drop-ins.  Can we get more color choices?  Purple?  Perhaps red for Halloweeen?
  • While I’m on the subject, Pokemon is a lame Halloween costume.
  • Cell phone batteries that last 6 hours.
  • Low profile tires on SUV’s.

What’s on your Need to Die list?


New Year’s Life Detox

I love the New Year and find it a synchronistic time for tying up loose ends and fortifying personal goals.  My detox plan is a list of general tasks that I do around the New Year.  Some are in preparation for the upcoming year, others are ways to usher out stale energies that may hold me back from fulfilling my dreams and goals. Join me and “power up” for a fabulous 2012!

First, I focus on detoxing my body.  I’ve tried those extreme detoxes where you subsist on cayenne-lemonade or salads spritzed with lemon juice…they drive me batty!  These detoxes feel more like punishment to me, so I use a much gentler and more achievable approach.  The idea is to set up a positive  internal environment for health and renewal, not to batter your system into submission.  I simply focus on whole foods, stay away from refined sugars, and drink loads of water.  I also remember to take a good multi-vitamin with a green superfood blend.  Sweating is also important, either from a brisk walk around downtown or in the gym.  All you have to do is eat a bit better and move a bit more- your body will do the rest.

As a fun addition to your detox, you might include a homemade sugar scrub for the shower.  Blend sugars (white/brown) or coarse salt, olive oil, and something that smells good (lavender essential oil, lemon juice, or a squirt of yummy body wash).  Be mindful that your shower floor may be a little slick from the oil after use.  I also detox my hair with Neutrogena shampoo, or a homemade lemon juice concoction.  If you have the time and spare cash, a massage or facial is a luxurious treat to help detox.

The end of the year is a great time to examine your general eating habits or addictions and to begin an exercise program.  I believe the New Year energies are perfectly supportive in making these kinds of changes and provide a boost to earnest attempts.  Sometimes it helps to “start in the middle” and dive right in.  Haven’t made it to the gym in years?  Pretend like it’s always been part of your life and go.  Forget about the awkward beginning and act as if it’s already a habit.  Signing up for a 5k or half-marathon is a powerful motivation (all those witnesses!).  Quitting cigarettes is always a big one on New Year’s resolution lists-  I am doing a 30-day program from Beverly Hills Hypnosis (available for free on iTunes) to reach my long-standing goal of becoming a nonsmoker again.

With my body on a detoxifying path, I then focus on setting other personal and professional goals.  I take a good look at my finances and tweak my household budget.  I set financial goals and plan for any big purchases I expect to make in the coming year.  I also plan my charity spending and volunteer work.  This year, I am volunteering with Habitat for Humanity. I’ve also planned to pick up an extra can or two of food during every grocery shopping trip- my church collects for the Food Bank every month and this way I will always have a bag ready for them.

The household needs a detoxing, too!  At the end of the year, I clean out old files and ensure I have copies of my vital records and legal documents.  Don’t forget to copy passports, ID cards, credit cards, and serial numbers of electronics.  This is good practice in the event you are a victim of theft.  This would also be a good time to update or create your Last Will and Testament, Powers of Attorney, or other legal documents.  If you’re so inclined, a smudging or purification ritual of your home, office, and vehicle is a must.

I use the turn of the New Year as a time to take care of those niggling little errands I somehow always neglect.  There is clothing to mend, drawers to sort and organize, vehicle maintenance to schedule, my annual physical and dental check-ups, carpets to clean, and a few letters to write.  I even buy all the birthday cards I will need next year and file them away until the days roll around.  My personal relationships also come into focus- if there are words unsaid, I find the way to finally say them to ensure interpersonal issues don’t follow me into the new year.  I do everything I can to make sure I have set myself up for success in the coming year, on all levels.

A thorough Life Detox doesn’t have to take a ton of time or resources, but it does require your full energy and focus.  A few days of organizing and planning at the end of the year will allow you to begin the New Year refreshed, ready, and fully charged!